Jenkinsburg, incorporated in 1889 and named after the Jenkins family who lived there in the latter part of the 19th century, is located in the northwestern part of Butts County. The city is divided by Georgia Highway 42 and the Norfolk Southern railway line into two distinct parts of town: the historic downtown section and the business section. Jenkinsburg’s downtown features several blocks of picturesque old homes and neighborhoods, bordered by beautiful farmlands north of town.

Central to town activities is Memorial Park, located just behind City Hall and the Fire Department, which features walking paths, playground equipment and many places to sit and enjoy the scenery. A number of small country churches and maple tree-lined streets make Jenkinsburg a beautiful place to stop and enjoy a picnic in the park, or go for an evening walk.

The business district, along Highway 42, is comprised of over 40 different businesses, a remarkable number for a town of just over 300 residents (it is believed that Jenkinsburg has the highest number of businesses per capita in Georgia; at least that has not been disputed).

The current Mayor of Jenkinsburg is Eddie Ford. He presides over a 5 member City Council, elected by the citizens of Jenkinsburg.

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