Flovilla, incorporated in 1885, derives its name from “Villa of Flowers”, an appropriate name for it if you have visited the city during the spring season, when homes and lawns are decked out in all manner of floral finery. Located in the southeastern part of Butts County, Flovilla is home to some 600 plus residents and features a number of beautiful old homes, a picturesque downtown area, churches, beautiful parks and easy access from both Georgia Highway 87 and 42. The city offers a range of services including a fire department, public works, city water and administrative services.

The recently restored 1885 Flovilla Schoolhouse is a must see when visiting the area. Used until around 1932, the school closed due to consolidation and was left virtually untouched for decades. Today, visitors can experience the look and feel of school days from that era, as the classroom is a virtual time capsule you can see and interact with. The building is also used for a community center and is curated by the Butts County Historical Society.

The current Mayor of Flovilla is Beth Burns, who presides over a 5 member City Council, all elected by the citizens of the city.

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