One of Jackson’s most prominent architectural masterpieces, the J.R. Carmichael House, is currently undergoing a complete restoration after having sat empty for over three years. The magnificent Queen Anne styled home was begun in 1897 and completed in 1898, built for prominent local buggy maker John R. Carmichael on a small knoll at the western end of Second Street. It was owned by the family until well into the 1990’s. The last Carmichael to own the home was Mr. J.R. “Red” Carmichael, son of John, who with his wife Nora returned to Jackson in the early 1970’s and coordinated the first major restoration on the structure.

Since then, the home has passed through the ownership of others and it thrived in 1990’s and 2000’s as a bed and breakfast and later, an event center. The great recession that began in 2009 soon found the home empty and abandoned and there was great concern about its future as the neglect began to take its toll. Fortunately, in 2016, the home was purchased by the Garrett family. In their hands, the home has undergone a complete transformation, back into the beauty that it once was as the crown jewel of Jackson homes. Restoration was completed in 2017 and the home was successfully shown to the public.

It has been featured in recent years been featured in the TV series “The Originals” and has been filmed for other projects as well. When visiting Jackson, be sure to drive by the home on McDonough Road, just one block north off the main street through town and see one of the finest examples of its kind in the South.

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