Locally filmed “Stranger Things”, the Netflix-based Sci-Fi TV series, which garnered critical acclaim including 5 Emmy wins for its first season, is back for its second season, which Netflix has released today. The TV show, which won Creative Emmys forĀ Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series,Ā Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music,Ā Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series,Ā Outstanding Main Title Design andĀ Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series,Ā features scenes filmed in both downtown Jackson and Butts County in its second season offering. Starring actors Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Matthew Modine and a strong cast of young actors, the show quickly became a cult classic with a huge following of fans when it was released last year.

Shooting for this year’s season, which Netflix releases in its entirety each year, wrapped up locally many months ago but Jackson citizens will easily recognize many of our downtown buildings, which stand in for the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. Other locations are filmed in the metro Atlanta area, making “Stranger Things” a strong Georgia-based TV series. Since the release of season one in 2016, there has been a strong uptick in visitors coming to downtown Jackson to see the places where the show was filmed.

During that first season, the Butts County Courthouse was used as the Hawkins Public Library and the downtown Jackson Drug Company building was used as the store that leading actress Winona Ryder worked in. Season two may reveal some new locations, including one scene that was shot out on a well-known county road. Season one is also available on Netflix and offers viewers who haven’t seen the show a way to get up to speed, as well as a refresher for veteran watchers before diving into the new season.

As you gear up for Halloween Weekend and the rest of fall, be sure to check out “Stranger Things” season two. You’ll see some familiar places and maybe even a few familiar faces…and then come by and spend a day here walking the streets of “Hawkins, Indiana”!