Nothing says the Christmas Holidays are here like lights, and this year we have them to see if you are willing to take a little time driving around Butts County.

Blinded by the Lights, located at 231 Isaac Head Road in the Fincherville area is a musical, choreographed light show that you will not want to miss. Starting at one end of the property and running for about 100 yards to the other, be prepared to be amazed at almost one million tiny lights blinking and flashing to the music. You’ll want to tune in on your FM radio to 90.3 before you arrive and wait for the instructions…they run after each show and the music played between the instructional sets will guide you on your tour of the lights. You’ll also want to pay close attention to which end you need to start on, and you may have to wait a few minutes before the next show starts, but it is worth the wait. Section by section will light as you slowly travel along, each one set to appropriate music…and there is also a MEGA TREE right in the middle that puts on a show all by itself.

Here’s a few words of advice though…if you are the lead vehicle in the line, keep moving slowly and don’t stop if there are vehicles behind you, because the ones at the rear won’t get to enjoy the show, as the lights in each section cut off after their part in the show. Also, watch for cars coming in the other direction as it is a dirt road and a bit narrow in places. The light shows will run through January 1st, Monday-Thursday from 5PM until 11PM and on the weekend until midnight.

Isaac Head road road turns off of Fincherville Road to the left if you are coming from Jackson, about 3 miles up the road. You can also reach it from Keys Ferry Road if you are coming from McDonough or Worthville.

Another holiday favorite, running for many years now, is located at 281 County Line Road in Jenkinsburg. This is a private residence that each year installs multiple light displays showing thousands of lights throughout their yard. The house features a double driveway, and it’s ok to drive through slowly and enjoy the lights. You’ll want to enter the driveway on the Jenkinsburg side of the property (signs will point to the entrance and exit), and when you enter, go ahead and turn off your headlights…you won’t need them for the drive thru as the yard is as bright as day.

Enjoy the lighted animals, trains, lighted arches you drive through, a miniature church and much, much more at this beautiful display of Christmas cheer. Also, please be respectful of these people’s property as you drive through and enjoy the treat they have set out for you.

County Line Road can be accessed from England Chapel Road (on the right if coming from Jenkinsburg) or from Highway 42 just north of Jenkinsburg. The road sits on the county line between LKQ Auto and the group of store buildings just inside of Henry County.

Many thanks to the generous Butts County citizens who go to so much effort to create something truly beautiful that shares the love at Christmas time with their fellow citizens and visitors. Both are worth a drive to see to see.